Our fully-managed services for the life sciences industry sector provide you with an entry level, fully-compliant cloud data platform that is scalable. For businesses who are in their infancy, who are yet to need a fully-compliant GxP Regulated Cloud, we can even provide a cost-effective public cloud allowing you to continue to develop your product. Once you move to our full GxP cloud you will find our cloud also supports GxP data storage and management requirements that aren’t available on other cloud offerings. This provides you with the necessary regulatory compliance, data integrity and security, all while managing to facilitate overhead reduction.

Common Problems

Lack of budget to employ full-time resources in the area of compliance or systems validation.

Achieving goals of funding as well as growth, all while being compliant.

Our Solutions

Our proven leadership and access to fully-managed services can dramatically reduce overheads.

Our service-inclusive, cost-effective pricing structure has a strong track record of allowing companies to flourish by providing scalability at a reasonable cost.


“Our goal is to support connected health technology in the provision of near real time insight from their devices. With OdysseyVC, we can provide this capability within a cost-effective, agile and compliant framework.”


OdysseyVC worked with a start up to develop a compliant Cloud solution that would foster new and innovative technology in the market.

Odyssey provided advice on the regulatory requirements across the Life Sciences sector and designed a solution to satisfy these whilst upholding the principles of the start up agenda.


Fueling innovation and cutting edge start up offerings, harnessing the explosion of big data in the connected health space.

“We never even thought of the compliance requirements. Build on the right foundations with OdysseyVC and you’ll be ready for the commercialisation phase and can also respond to the ‘Compliance’ question from your funding sources!”

CEO, IoT Connected Health Startup (Dublin)

Build your own
cloud integration?

Building your own cloud integration is a drag-and-drop exercise. Commit the build and we will ensure that a regulatory compliant GxP Cloud architecture is deployed. Need help with your cloud strategy? Get in touch and we can help you get ‘GxP Cloud Ready’.

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