The implementation of a quality standard is, in our view, an essential feature of a modern quality focused organisation. How many times have we contracted vendors to deliver products and services in our own businesses only to be somehow disappointed in the delivery? We are by no means evangelists for one quality standard over another but we are evangelists for producing quality outcomes as this is a differentiator for us given these very experiences of poor quality. We all look for peace of mind in purchasing as we are generally, in a business context anyway, looking to solve a problem. Knowing that the outcome is predetermined based on an independent commitment to quality as published through the achievement of a formal quality certification goes a long way to providing this peace of mind. It is by no means a forgone conclusion but is a measure of intent of the supplier.
We were involved in an industrial initiative sponsored by some of the Irish state bodies to help small Irish suppliers align their Quality Management System (QMS) with their customers as this facilitates the buying process. Indeed we have seen this first hand in the auditing of suppliers on behalf of our regulated customers where we conducted audits against our industry standards and found suppliers wanting. The end result is that our client went with the vendor who had a QMS more closely aligned with their needs, and this is a real world example of understanding the buyer. If we can break down the barriers to the decision making process, we are making it easier for the buyer, and ultimately improving our business opportunities. This premise is a core element of our ethos as a company and it is one that we are willing to assist other suppliers with. Get in touch and let's see if we can break down barriers together!