OdysseyVC offer fully-compliant GxP cloud-based solutions for migrating established organisations or for startups requiring a scalable platform. With support for GxP data storage and management requirements, our cloud is different from standard cloud offerings.

It is our aim to be the best GxP cloud provider, allowing your company to benefit from a level of compliance that is not possible on most popular cloud-based systems, and allowing you access to our fully-managed services, which can dramatically reduce your project and operational costs.

Fully Compliant, Scalable Cloud Services

For Established Organisations

We perform full cloud migration assessment and strategy, ensuring your journey from on-premises infrastructure to our GxP cloud is compliant and your data integrity is maintained, providing you with GxP data storage and management requirements that can’t be found on other cloud offerings. Our approaches provide you with full data integrity assurance and an audit trail, assisting in ensuring the continuity of your business with the added bonus of providing disaster recovery.

For Startups

Our fully-managed services provide you with an entry level, fully-compliant GxP Cloud infrastructure, that is scalable. Our cloud also supports GxP data storage and management requirements that aren’t available on other cloud offerings, providing you with data integrity and security, all the while managing to facilitate a reduction in the total cost of ownership.