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Compliant Digital Transformation for Life Sciences

What we do

OdysseyVC uniquely offer Integrated GxP Cloud and Computerised System Lifecycle Management Services to Life Science companies that operate in highly regulated environments. Our expertise in implementation and validation of these systems helps to ease the workload of Project Managers, Validation Managers and Automation Managers.

Lifecycle Management Services

The lifecycle of computerised systems in the life sciences industry sector must be appropriately structured and documented to ensure regulatory compliance. Odyssey VC offers turnkey project delivery including project management, validation and documentation services throughout this lifecycle. This is provided as a managed service that reduces risk, reduces overheads and reduces the need for resource management.

Our extensive computerised system validation experience ensures consistent, best-in-class, audit-ready’ systems. Our Lifecycle Management Services not only support the delivery of computerised systems but also the underlying IT Infrastructure which can be on-premise or can be delivered by Odyssey VC in a complete end-to-end turnkey solution.

Focus on your business needs & Organisational change and let Odyssey VC deliver the software & services to support that need!

GxP Cloud Platform

Odyssey VC offer fully-compliant GxP Cloud hosting services to both established organisations and startups in the IoT for connected health space who require a scalable and cost-effective platform for hosting applications subject to regulatory oversight. It is our aim to be the best GxP Cloud provider, allowing your company to benefit from a level of compliance that is not possible on most popular cloud-based systems.

Our customer base is comprised of Big Pharma, Clinical Trials companies, Hospitals and even small organisations. Our GxP Cloud Platform allows all organisation types & sizes to achieve the same level of compliance as mandated by global regulatory bodies.

Focus on your products & services and let Odyssey VC deliver the compliance needs of your IT infrastructure!

Lifecycle Management Services Tailored to Your Needs

For Project Managers

Our unique approach helps us to manage and execute the computerised systems validation element of your project from the concept phase through to retirement as a turnkey solution. This allows you the freedom to oversee the project with the safe knowledge that our unique approach delivers fully validated and audit-ready systems.

For Validation Managers

We provide leadership and clarity around regulation that helps you to manage regulatory compliance. Our proven processes and methods for execution reduce your workload, freeing you and some of your resources up to tackle other projects.

For Automation Managers

Our specialist knowledge and experience working with GxP Computerised Systems means all systems delivered by OdysseyVC will meet strict industry regulatory requirements, providing you with peace-of-mind and making it easier for you to get endorsement from your Validation Manager.

‘Audit Ready’, Scalable GxP Cloud Platform

For Established Organisations

Are you looking for a compliant cloud platform on which you can host GxP software applications? Odyssey VC perform full cloud migration assessment and strategy, ensuring your journey from on-premises infrastructure to our GxP cloud is compliant and your data integrity is maintained, providing you with GxP data storage and management requirements that can’t be found on other cloud offerings.

Our approach ensures that your cloud migrations or new builds are designed and executed in accordance with the regulatory requirements for ‘Qualified’ infrastructure. We have a proven track record in delivering cloud based GxP applications that provide our customers with full data integrity assurance, audit trails & auditable security & access controls. Our Quality Management System (QMS) mirrors the standard Life Science QMS so you can be assured of consistent and traceable quality.

Our GxP cloud assists in ensuring the continuity of your business with the added bonus of providing backup & restore, disaster recovery and business continuity.

For Startups

Are you a startup in the Life Science or IoT for Connected Health sector? Do you know that you will need to demonstrate compliance of your underlying IT infrastructure and data if and when you wish to commercialise your products? Speak with us at Odyssey VC and we can help you create a pragmatic road-map for the development of your products & services that does not impact on your financial constraints. In fact, did you know that outsourcing your IT Infrastructure to Odyssey VC can save you up to 30% against taking this in-house?

Our fully-managed services provide you with an entry level, fully-compliant GxP Cloud infrastructure, that is scalable, and that is the key! Our cloud also supports GxP data storage and management requirements that aren’t available on other cloud offerings, providing you with data integrity and security, all the while managing to facilitate a reduction in the total cost of ownership.

Be ready for your commercialisation and / or your growth targets. Don’t put compliance on the long finger and build it into your offering from the start with the Odyssey VC GxP Cloud!

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